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Thanks so much for your interest in booking a tattoo!

To make the process easier, I've created a form under "tattoo booking" at the top of this page, which gives me all the info i need.  You are also welcome to email me at at any time.


I usually respond to all requests within 72  hours, usually much sooner.  Please keep an eye on your email inbox and spam folder as well. For urgent inquiries or to check in  or if you think I missed your email, please reach me at  For quick questions or to check in,  feel free to shoot me a DM on my instagram page @ersatz_existence , however please note i do not always see messages in my "requests" folder very quickly


I am currently booking in Portland Oregon, but I am always taking appointments in Brooklyn as I visit regularly.  If you would like to get on my notification list for Brooklyn, please email me at  or DM me on instagram. 

If you would like to get on a notification list for another city please let me know! I am also hoping to visit Philadelphia, Richmond VA, San Francisco, and LA.


To finalize appointments, I ask for a $100 deposit which comes out of the cost of the tattoo at the final session. To send the deposit, click "deposit" from the drop down menu under "Tattoo booking". Let me know when it's sent and  I will send a google invite. After that, you are booked!   I don't send out appointment reminders, however you may set one up with the appointment invite if you wish. 



Deposits are non refundable, however if you need to reschedule please email ASAP. 

Some work may be ongoing, however please stay in touch.  Deposits will not carry over past 12 months without any appointment.

At your appointment, I can accept cash or card.  My card reader does have a 3% fee.  

While I would love to offer a way to pay without a fee, all processing companies take one, including paypal and venmo for business. I cannot accept personal payments on these apps because they can seize funds for accepting personal payments as a business.  I know some tattooers accept this, but it's a risk I cant take any longer.  

I also don't want to raise my hourly rate to cover card fees.  If you pay cash, there is no fee, and I am always happy to accept  cash and card payments together.  Thanks for your understanding!


-To book a touch up, please email me at

Feel free to email using our original thread.


-Touch up is included with your tattoo- however, if your tattoo heals well, I do not recommend one! Most tattoos don't require them, and putting more ink on top of a well healed tattoo won't make it better, and in fact will just oversaturate your tattoo.


-Please allow tattoos to settle for at least 30 days,  60 days ideally.  Tattoos may remain raised for some time after a tattoo, even years. 

-If you need a touch up, please  book  one within 6 months of your appointment.  


The best preparation is to be well rested, hydrated, and relaxed! Please make sure you eat before your appointment, and bringing snacks is always a great idea

Avoid vigorous workouts in the area to be tattooed. If your muscles are fatigued, it will be very hard to be tattooed.

I recommend minimal caffeination before appointment

I cannot tattoo over sunburns or lacerations

Moisturizing the area is VERY helpful! I recommend Cereve.  GENTLE exfoliation can be great too, but please keep it gentle.

Menstruation and pms can wear down your tolerance.  Being tattooed takes a lot of energy!

If possible, I always recommend booking outside of these times, but especially for larger and more painful work.

Please do not come in pre numbed.  I can use numbing cream during your appointment towards the end, however, there are a lot of risks that numbing creams can pose.  Lidocaine restricts bloodflow, and doing this for extended periods is painful, makes skin hard to work on, and tattoos heal poorly. In some cases, excessive use/numbing time/too large an area can cause fainting and small seizures.  Additionally, its pretty rare to actually numb the area in the correct placement.  By the time we are stencilled up and ready to go, the cream is usually starting to wear off and results in a more painful tattoo since your endorphins are not engaged.  For these reasons, I usually use numbing cream towards the end of a tattoo, and usually after the lines have been put in.  I'm always happy to talk more on this if you have more questions!


Saniderm-  I usually can provide second skin (aka saniderm) at appointments, however I don't always recommend it for tattoos that are likely to produce a lot of plasma, people with sensitive skin, and during hot/humid weather, or for people who will be sweating. 

Do not leave saniderm on for more than 5 days.  If any redness or irritation is present, please remove it.  If the tattoo is not fully sealed in, please remove it.  If anything gets  underneath from the outside, remove it. Showering is ok, but please do not submerge it. 

When you are ready to remove the saniderm, please choose a corner and pull it UP and AWAY from your skin.  Do not rip it of like you are waxing yourself. Removing in the shower with some castile soap can be helpful if it is stubborn.

Traditional Healing-  I prefer this method.   I will use ointment and an absorpbant pad to wrap your tattoo.  Leave this on for at least 6 hours, no more than 10.  Its okay to sleep in it if its later in the day.  When you are ready to remove the bandage, its easiest to wipe way the ointment/plasma/ink with a clean paper towel. Then jump in the shower (not too hot), let the water run over it, and gently cleanse with a gentle soap and your fingertips til you feel everything rinse off. I recommend a gentle liquid soap like castile (i prefer the hemp version).  I try to stay away from white soap bars and hand soap because it tends to be very drying.  However if you must use a bar soap, please rinse it thoroughly first. 

If you are washing it before bed, it can be a good idea to wear a clean cotton garment to prevent any additional ink from leaking onto your sheets, although if you left the wrapping on for 6 hours this shouldnt be an issue. But clean sheets or a clean garment is recommended. 

I do NOT advise using ointment after unwrapping.  HOWEVER, if you really want to use an ointment like lubriderm or aquaphor, PLEASE keep the layers extremely thin.  Ointment must be kept in very thin layers.  No medicated ointments.  Rub a tiny amount in until you no longer see it. Too much ointment will block oxygen from your skin and cause poor healing. 

Instead of ointment, l recommend using a gentle plain lotion like CeraVe.  This can be applied as often as needed, in thin layers.  

Please do NOT pick or scratch your new tattoo.  When it gets itchy, use lotion.  

Do not exfoliate your tattoo.  Do not use sunscreen on a healing tattoo.  Do not soak tattoos in the bath, a steam room, or go swimming.  Keep it out of the sun as best as possible. 

Tattoos should be healed within 2 weeks or less, but can take much longer to fully settle down.  Tattoos may become raised periodically for years after they are healed. 

The best healing is getting enough rest, water, and food.  Healing a tattoo is work for your body, so it's best to get them when you are healthy and uninjured!



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